Journey House Foundation

A holistic, peer recovery program teaching individuals
to live a recovery lifestyle and achieve a thriving life.

We are a 501(c)(3) that specializes in teaching people to live a recovery lifestyle we are not a treatment facility however we collaborate with treatment facilities and other licensed professionals to ensure access to the care needed to succeed on your journey of recovery.

How We Help — Our Services

Our comprehensive, holistic recovery services treat the whole individual and address the underlying causes of addiction. We approach recovery with a heart of service and gratitude, and our participants are our priority.

Sober Living Housing

Recovery Residences

We refer our participants to Journey House recovery residences to establish a safe and secure place to live during their journey through recovery.

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Sober Living Housing

Transportation Services

JHF provides complete transportation services for all participant needs including to and from proper level of treatment services.

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Sober Living Housing

Family Support

A highlight of our program is our commitment to healing families through a holistic approach that allows participants and their loved ones to begin mending and strengthening their relationships.

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Sober Living Housing

Healthcare Support Services

We provide access to medication oversight and referrals to addiction support doctors and resources as needed.

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Sober Living Housing

Higher Level of Care

Our caring, supportive recovery team assists with referring our participants to any support services needed to be comfortable through every step of their recovery.

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Sober Living Housing

Peer Recovery Support Services

In addition to our certified recovery software that tracks progress, your loved one is paired with a trained staff member in our peer-to-peer support method which provides daily, in-depth mentorship and experiential support.

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Sober Living Housing

Counseling Support Services

We allow our participants freedom of choice when finding counseling and therapy services. Guidance and proper assistance are offered to them for the referral process to community partners and surrounding services so they can find comprehensive, ongoing counseling for mental health challenges in areas including, but not limited to, trauma, grief/loss, skill building, and more.

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Sober Living Housing

Other Support Services

Through peer mentorship and recovery support, our organization will assist and empower our participants with personal development revolving around employment, education, health and wellness, and more!

This includes job assistance training, educational development, certification access, and more to help participants achieve meaningful purpose in life. We also provide coordination of…

  • Nutritional aspects (grocery store weekly, visiting food pantries in the area, and meal planning, as needed)
  • Clothing/Bedding Items Assistance (referral and donation based)
  • Personal Care Items Assistance (referral and donation based)
  • Health and Wellness (physical fitness, low-intensity movement, meditation, etc.)

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At Journey House Foundation, we understand that fighting an addiction and recovering from it are very challenging. It can be a constant uphill battle that will test your mettle and can challenge your belief in your personal capacity.

We understand that it requires an integrated and individualized approach that address the core causes of each person’s addiction to drugs and alcohol. We know that the journey of recovery can be difficult, and we help individuals learn how to properly manage their substance use disorders and achieve recovery through our program.

We provide individualized care using certified recovery software that allows us to identify and prioritize recovery needs and measure and report results to help our participants achieve a successful and thriving lifestyle in recovery.

Our recovery center is a safe haven for anyone who is in need of help in achieving personal healing and complete recovery during their battle against an addiction.

Coming to Journey House Foundation is the beginning of the journey for you and your loved ones. We know you can’t do it alone, and we provide the support services and treatment that you need to live a recovery lifestyle and achieve a thriving life.

Our holistic, peer to peer support method and structured programming is designed to help you battle your addiction and achieve sobriety. We fully understand the common challenges of addiction, and our team will be dedicated to helping you launch back into society.

Our Guiding Principles

Our holistic recovery program supports the whole individual and addresses the underlying social, emotional, and spiritual malady that are at the core of alcohol and drug dependency. The Journey House Recovery Foundation program incorporates the principles of sobriety, self-worth, authenticity, and purpose through 5 Guiding Principles:


Recovery Support

Peer-to-peer recovery support that empowers individuals to break through guilt and shame and into redemption and transformation.


Practicing Faith

We understand the value of diversity in faith and the power of spiritual connections to help individuals realize their full potential period.


Healing Families

Journey House Recovery Foundation helps rebuild and reconnect broken families, and nurture their trust with each other.


Community Interaction

We help individuals develop skills and confidence that prepare them for healthy interactions within the community and among peers, friends, and family.


Meaningful Work

Journey House Recovery Foundation guides participants and helps them discover their gifts and passions so that they may apply them to meaningful work in their lives.

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Our well thought-out and carefully planned recovery and healing program is designed to help people achieve sustainable recovery. We fully understand the common challenges that people recovering from an addiction go through. Our team members are trained to give mentoring as well as the much-needed monitoring and coaching to help clients overcome their present challenges.

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