Addiction Recovery with the Help of Your Family

The family dynamic is one that is complex on many levels, and for many, is a source of pain and misunderstanding. At The Journey House Recovery Foundation, we understand the importance of healing families and the role it plays in recovery from addiction. We all need someone to help guide us in the decisions we make, and we know the importance of a support system to help us get through the darkest days of our lives, such as, breaking free from addiction.

We’ll help teach you coping skills so that you learn how to set healthy boundaries and successfully overcome the challenges and difficulties you face in your everyday life.

The Journey House Recovery Foundation certified addiction specialists will empower you and help transform your stories of addiction and turn them into stories of redemption and transformation. We help reunite families who have been broken because of addiction by helping family members communicate and reunite.

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Help Families Communicate

We know it is hard to get back on your feet and recover from addiction, especially if you have been exposed to it for quite some time. We provide a safe environment for your journey to recovery, and help establish connections with your family so that they can play a healthy role in your recovery. With participant approval, we involve families in a way that allows for boundaries to be set and followed while encouraging acceptance and love.

The Journey House Recovery Foundation also helps families get past the pain caused by a loved one’s addiction. Your journey as an individual is not only yours alone but it is also important to recognize the people who love you – your family. We facilitate and help family members communicate and voice their feelings. This is not to relive the painful memories but to find acceptance and closure among family members.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

The Journey House Recovery Foundation assists families in setting healthy boundaries so that the pain and hurt caused by their addiction will be a thing of the past. We encourage our participants to reunite and re-establish communication with their families. And, we offer a safe environment for participants to reach out to their families and rediscover their love for each other.
Helping Family Members Communicate


If you have a loved one or you yourself need are struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, The Journey House Recovery Foundation can help. Contact us today and let us help you on your road to recovery, redemption, and transformation.
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