Believing in a Power
Greater than Ourselves


At the core of drug and alcohol addiction for many is the inability to cope with everyday life situations in a healthy, productive way. From difficult situations and trauma to everyday annoyances and pressures, we’ve turned to a substance to change the way we feel. At The Journey House Recovery Foundation, we’ve found that the solution to all of our problems, both large and small, is in the belief in a power greater than ourselves.

We help our participants uncover a belief in a higher power — and establish a meaningful relationship that starts the healing process. We know that beliefs differ greatly and we embrace diversity in faith and can help you find a higher power that is defined by you and is a solution for you.

We understand that some find it difficult to lean on the spiritual when they are faced with very difficult situations or circumstances. We know through our own experience that turning to substances that lead to addiction only provides temporary relief. Many people think that getting intoxicated can help them leave their problems behind. What happens, however, is the opposite because addiction makes the situation worse.

If you are one of these people, this is not the end for you. The Journey House Recovery Foundation is a peer support network for individuals seeking recovery. We are committed to helping you break free from addiction, and at the same time, empowering you and turn your stories of failure into a great story of redemption and transformation.

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How can we help you?

The Journey House Recovery Foundation takes a holistic approach to helping our participants recover and get relief from guilt and shame. Our house helps you connect with others who have experienced the same thing you’ve gone through. Through peer relationships, community interaction, counseling and support services, we’ll help you recover and learn a new way of life.

As a recovery support network, we are committed to making sure that your faith and belief in a higher power is discovered. You will be taught skills and tools that can help you learn how to live a life that is substance-free. We’ll help you get back on your feet and start taking positive steps toward healing.

Take that step to change your life

If you have been dependent on using a substance for some time, you might be fearful of living your life without it, and living life beyond the walls of a recovery house. The Journey House Recovery Foundation will help you learn how to live a life that is substance-free, and we’ll set realistic goals during your stay with us that will help you regain the confidence you once had. Moreover, your spiritual belief will also be cultivated inside our recovery house.

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In time, you will be able to accept help and take charge of your life. The Journey House Recovery Foundation’s support and community group will help you take that step to change the course of life and live it in a way that is addiction and substance-free.

If you have finally made a decision to seek help, we are here for you. Give us a call or email us at [email protected]. We will provide you with the support that you need to help you start to heal and recover from your addiction.

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